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**Last remining lampshades for sale here on my Etsy site - price reduced!**


Each lampshade starts with applying sumi (ink) to a water surface to create a unique suminagashi design. The pattern reveals itself as the process evolves; there may be many lines and they might vary in thickness. Allowing more space between the ink lines gives a lighter, more airy result which might feel right for that design. Alternatively, a bolder design might emerge giving an almost graphic effect. The size of shade to be made will also influence its creation. Washi paper is lowered onto the ink which is then lifted off the water. Once the paper has been dried and pressed it is ready to be made into an individual lampshade.  The shades are drum shape with a diameter of 20, 30 or 40cm. Please note that the 30 and 40 cm shades have two pieces of washi (from the same sheet) and will therefore have two seams instead of one. Any crinkles in the paper surface are a happy happenstance of creating these shades.

I have a few shades left on my Etsy shop: here

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