Teaching suminagashi

pieces of suminagashi or Japanese marbling
making suminagashi in a workshop

Learning and playing with the process of suminagashi allows your creativity to flow as you make beautiful designs, each one completely different to the next one. It's such a meditative process, you may well be surprised at how immersed you become in the activity; a truly mindful practice.

No previous experience is required. Curiosity is encouraged.

Workshops in Ludlow

*All cancelled*

I hope to run further workshops when the covid 19 situation allows

Students from previous workshops have this to say;

'A day of discovery and delight, the Suminagashi workshop was engrossing, intoxicating and uplifting on so many levels..'

Jane Pickett, potter, Shropshire.

'Sarah’s teaching was wonderfully calm and intuitive. Her quiet enthusiasm and wisdom about Suminagashi was very inspiring, showing us that each and every print we made was completely unique, which was enlightening to realise. We learnt a number of techniques quite early on in the workshop, and this gave us confidence to experiment with different ideas, and even to embrace our ‘mistakes’ and trust the creative flow. '

Liz Pyman, writer, Shropshire

'What can I say about Sarah, our tutor, other than lovely, generous, patient, calm - just a fabulous teacher.'

Jo Gadsby, PR specialist & writer

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